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Jobs and the Economy

Arizona needs to be prepared for the next generation of job growth, which means we need to focus on attracting high wage employers and job creators. Throughout my time at the Legislature I have fought to create an economic environment that is not only welcoming to existing companies, but will encourage entrepreneurs to start a business in our state.

Investing in Mohave and La Paz Counties, creating great schools, and keeping our taxes low will drive economic growth and enable businesses to hire more Arizonans.  


Schools are the cornerstone of our community. We need to responsibly fund education and invest resources in school choice, ensuring parents have the ability to pick which school or educational opportunity is best for their child.

Federal and state bureaucrats believe they have the best solutions for Arizona’s kids – but no one knows our children better than their parents. From private to public schools, university to community college, strong schools prepare our students to join the 21st century workforce.


Taxes and Regulation

The economy is directly tied to state taxes and regulation; the fewer restrictions on business, the faster our job creators can grow. We have consistently lowered individual income taxes each of the last three years, but taxes are only part of the formula. By reducing and ultimately eliminating red-tape and government overregulation, the Legislature can clear a path for economic success.

I am proud of the progress we have made, but there is more to be done to ensure opportunity and outcomes are directly tied to an environment with fewer regulations and lower taxes.

Public Safety

Arizona is on the front line of the fight against drug cartels and gang activity. Our proximity to Mexico means we need to ensure local and state police are equipped to protect our community. I have fought to provide critical resources to our county law enforcement, including the Sheriff, so our first responders have the tools to keep our families safe. The 2nd Amendment ensures Arizonan’s ability to keep and bear arms – and it is my duty to stand up on behalf of police and their families so they can focus on fighting criminals, not government bureaucrats.